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Daxin Network's globalization process accelerates development


      As of November 2021, the globalization of Daxin Accounting Network has achieved new developments.


International membership increased to 23
      In November 2021, Daxin Network's global member firms have reached 23. Since Daxin Global was established in December 2017, the number of international member firms has continued to increase. In 2020, Daxin Network added 7 member firms, and the number of international members reached 17. In September 2021, Daxin Network added Ecuador and Kenyan members. In November 2021, Daxin Network added Italian member firms. (Headquarters in Padua), Bangladesh member firm (headquarters Dhaka), Indian member firm (headquarters Bangalore) and South Korean member firm (headquarters Seoul), bringing the international members of Daxin Network to 23. At present, There are also potential members from Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Morocco that are currently negotiating to join the Daxin network. The increase of the international member firms of Daxin Network has enriched the layout of the members of Daxin Network World.

Start the construction of Daxin International Education Platform
      In February 2021, Daxin Accounting Network started construction of the education platform for global member firms. At present, the hardware and design part of the education platform has been completed and successfully embedded in Daxin global webpage. The relevant English training courses for global members are currently in the preparation stage and are expected to be launched soon. The construction of the education platform of Daxin International Network is of great significance for the promotion and popularization of Daxin’s unified quality control standards to Daxin International members, and the timely updating of the new requirements of international auditing standards ISAs on quality management.

      In addition, in July 2021, Daxin International officially became an ICAEW globally recognized training employer. As an approved employer, Daxin International will cooperate with ICAEW in various fields such as talent development and industry exchanges.