• Inherit the past, rebuild our Daxin——WU YIGE

    In November 12, 1985, Mr. Wu Yige, a student of Mr. Wu Yinghao as well as an senior CPA in China, conformed to the needs of the times and retired from the state - owned enterprises in advance to start doing business. Adhering to the teachers wish, Mr. Wu Yige started his business with 3000 yuan with his two colleagues t......


  • Pining for the founder of Daxin, Wu Yinghao

    DAXIN Certified Public Accountants LLP was established in Wuhan in 1945, and rebuilt in 1985. Wuhan is the start-up place of Mr. Wu Yinghao and Mr. Wu Yige as well as DAXIN. Natural moat changes the thoroughfare, with the objective condition of geographical advantages and opening up policy, subjective condition of DAXIN......