After the foundation of thirty years ago, Daxin has formed an enterprise culture based at "To do CPA duties, to love Daxin" which guides the behavior of Daxin employees. Hence, they love the party, in 2011, China Communist Party Daxin certified public accountants LLP Committee was established; they love our country, they are enthusiastic about commonweal, giving kind support and donation actively for the earthquake relief, drought relief and flood fighting; they love the job, putting their soul and heart into public interest; they love life, love each other and live together in peace.

  • Daxin Motto:
    To be honest person, practice in good faith.
  • Daxin Notion:
    Integrity of others, honesty works everywhere.
  • Daxin Spirit:
    Solidarity, Honesty, Diligence, Pioneering Spirit.
  • Daxin Practice Aim:
    Practice by law,
    Dedicated service,Quality first, Reputation first
  • Daxin Development Goal:
    Base in China, to the world
    to be an international first-class accounting firm
  • Daxin Practice Criterion:
    Quality is lifeline
    workpaper is amulet