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British scholars visit Daxin, research on the developments of China CPA industry


      Introduced by AICPA professional standards and technical guidance department, Dr. Mahmoud Ezzamel from Cardiff University, Dr. Crawford Spence from Warwick University and Dr. Jingqi Zhu from Newcastle University visit Daxin in the morning of June 12th accompanied by AICPA staff. They have an in-depth and thorough discussion on the concerned issues such as competition situation of China audit service market, the internationalization development of Daxin with Mr. Hu Yuehua, the lead partner of Daxin as well as the chief accountants and head of Daxin Audit Research Institute.

      Mr. Hu Yonghua gives a warm welcome to British professors, he also claims that the cooperation with research institution to discuss the CPA firms management and development is one of the work that Daxin draw heavily currently. After introducing the main purpose of this research, professors discussed in-depth with Mr. Hu Yuehua in five aspects concerned: competition situation of China audit service market; changes in China's customer base of audit; the talent strategy of CPA firm; the international business development and the industry regulation issues.

      Technology partner Ms. Wang Weiwei briefs the current development situation of Daxin Audit Research Institute, Mr. Wu Yongmin who is also a postdoctoral from technical standards department introduces the current study and research subjects.
      At the end of the meeting, three professors express deep gratitude to research support of Daxin, state that the two sides will maintain sustained cooperation and communication in the subsequent research.